By the ETO Consortium

The ETO Consortium has published different briefings and tools related to extraterritorial obligations. Many ETO Consortium members have contributed to most of these publications.

The handbook and toolkit “Human Rights Beyond Borders: How to Hold States Accountable for Extraterritorial Violations aims to serve as a practical guide for human rights advocates and social movements in monitoring and holding States accountable on their compliance with extraterritorial obligations (ETOs).

ETOs apply to many (policy) areas and fields. You can find here two briefings on ETOs in the context of – respectively – eco-destruction and climate change, and international financial institutions.

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The ETO Consortium Secretariat published two informative or clarifying briefings: one on how States can make good use of ETOs, and another one that aims at removing a series of misconceptions about ETOs that (above all) States can have.

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