The ETO Consortium is a global network of over 160 CSOs and academics that seeks to create awareness on and advance the implementation of States’ extraterritorial obligations (short: ETOs). These are the human rights obligations States have towards people in other countries. While crucial for addressing the challenges of globalization and ensuring the universal realization of human rights, many States continue to deny having such obligations and attempt to confine their obligations to the domestic sphere.

The ETO Consortium was founded in 2007 with the purpose to address the gaps in the international protection of human rights that have resulted from the neglect of ETOs. The main terms of reference are the Maastricht Principles on the Extraterritorial Obligations of States in the Area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Issued in September 2011 by international law and human rights experts from different regions of the world, including (former) members of international and regional human rights bodies, the Principles summarize the extraterritorial obligations States have under international law. Over the past years the Principles have become an important point of reference for both civil society and international human rights bodies.

The Consortium’s work consists first and foremost of the individual and collective efforts of its members to advance the implementation of ETOs in their respective areas of work.  

The Consortium is led by an elected Steering Committee, composed of CSO and academic representatives from the different regions. The Secretariat is currently hosted by FIAN International. For more information on the Consortium or to become a member, please contact the Secretariat.