Handbook for Human Rights Beyond Borders

The ETO Consortium published a handbook and a toolkit on how to monitor States’ compliance with their human rights obligations beyond their own territory.

The handbook and toolkit “Human Rights Beyond Borders: How to Hold States Accountable for Extraterritorial Violations” aim to serve as a practical guide for human rights advocates and social movements in monitoring and holding States accountable on their compliance with extraterritorial obligations (ETOs).

The intention of the handbook is to make the Maastricht Principles on the ETOs of States more accessible and relevant to civil society by illustrating, with concrete examples, how they relate to specific policy fields and sites of social struggle, and can be used in these contexts to hold States accountable for extraterritorial violations. The handbook is the result of a collaborative effort by the members of the ETO Consortium whose experiences and insights in working with ETOs are reflected.

The handbook goes hand in hand with the toolkit.